Our Equipment

The raw material for the recycling line are baled PET bottles. These bales are produced in Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) throughout Greece.

he equipment of our recycling line remove impurities and dirt from the bottles, crush the bottles into flakes, remove caps and labes, wash the PET flakes through multiple stages, dry the flakes and store them into suitable containers.

The plastic recycling line used by our company is comprised of the following subsystems.

Bale Opener: Bottle bales received from an MRF are opened. Bottles become loose and can be transported on conveyor belts.

Prewash Station: Bottles are washed, so that dirt and impurities can be removed.

Caps and Labels Removal Station: Mechanical removal of some labels and caps.

Automatic Magnetic Separator: Ferrous metals are magnetically removed.

Sorting Station: Manual sorting of materials based on their color and material.

Metal Separator: Metal objects are automatically removed.

Flaking Station: Bottles are crushed into small flakes.

Chemical Washing Station: Flakes are washed with hot water and detergent.

Gravity Separtion Station: Removal of labels and caps that have been crushed into flakes along with the bottles.

Final Spraying Station: Final washing of flakes.

Dewatering Station: Flake drying process starts here.

Drying Station: Labels are dried.

Dry Label Separation Station: Dust, paper particles and small label pieces are removed here.

Storage Silo: Flakes are stored in Big-Bags.

The PET flakes produced by our company can be reused in the plastic package industry.